Language/Grammar/Tone Police

I just want to throw this out there to anyone who wishes to give unsolicited advice about my use of language (vulgarity), my use of grammar (breaking “rules” of grammar), and about what my tone (Anger/Passion/Aggressive style) may be in any particular post….. to put it mildly, your advice is simply not wanted.

There is only one exception to this….

The only valid criticism of language that I am willing to hear, is if I make use of language that is coded with actual bigoted implications. Specifically, implications that can hurt marginalized peoples within the society at large. This is the only time I would be willing to edit a post on this blog. (That means fck those whiny Whites, Males, Upper Class, Americans, Straights, able bodied, Religious people…etc…) If you are on the upper echelons of this society due to some privilege, I am not willing to hear accusation of “reverse racism/sexism” or “anti-Americanism” or any other form privileged “whining” that comes in the form of attempting to police someones tone or attempting to flip the debate to “you are the real bigot.” As a member of “the brown folk” club I, and many others, have a lifetime worth of experience fighting off these types… so, on this blog at least, I would rather shoo them away, than engage in a futile debate with someone who repeats, ad naeseum, objections that I have long ago been aware of and do not find convincing. You are wasting your time and my own time if you attempt this… so just go away instead.

All thoughts of tone policing stem from an internal need that seeks to avoid talking about a difficult issue… and center the discussion on “things that make me uncomfortable and things that you should not say.” It focuses on the most trivial aspects of these issues (your special feelings) instead of focusing on… I don’t know, the actual plight of some specific set of people. What this type of thinking really implies is that these thoughts of mine can not penetrate your thick skull – you are simply not at a level of cultural awareness that is necessary to get down and dirty with me, or any minority for that matter, and debate points.  This message goes out especially to those people that have this unhealthy fetishism around their, often ethnocentric and bigoted, vision of “civility” – those types are particularly vile, as they prioritize a normalized and racially charged way of communication over.. I don’t know… treating minorities like human fcking beings.

If this message is not at all convincing to you…. and I am betting to a lot of you it will not be….. perhaps later I will but up a more fine tuned defense you can digest and think about before attempting to give advice that centers around what your perspective is on “the best way to communicate ideas” across social boundaries. When I get around to it, it will be linked below.

By, Mr.Ellipses