Comment Policy

So… I got two comments… which is kind of awesome! New to this blog thing, and never thought anyone would actally wanna engage my long winded pompous ass… but… fck yeah man.. two comments!

I thought about it for a second, and was like… whoah… I am awesome, and maybe I should do a comment policy thingy that no one will ever read, but will be useful to me when I refuse to publish someones comment.

So here is my guidelines for like, if you ever want to say something.. Most of the time, you can write what you want. I don’t tone police anyone, and almost all ideas are worth viewing. Even ignorant comments can be used, I can use them to help teach myself to express myself in the dumbest way possible such that even the most thick headed ding dong will get what I am saying.

I don’t really care all that much what you are going to write to me. You can tell me ” fck off I hate you,” and I will prolly publish it. So do not be scared of the “waiting moderation” thing that might come up, I don’t moderate much, I just click yeah. My comment policy is you can write anything you want, and I will publish it. I will only draw three lines down.

1) If you got a bigoted slur in there, and are like some kind of KKK/Nazi… you know. Go fck youself, infact let me fck you over, let me slap you in your racist ass mouth. Be real… I ain’t ganna let you comment on my fcking personal space. So do not even try. It would be like me allowing you to come in my house and insult my mamma… man, not only will I kick you out my house, I might fck you up too. In regards to this blog, this sht is my house, no racist asses allowed.

2) There may be a time where some privileged person will not be willing to stop objecting to something I said. In their like denialism they may end up saying things that reflect bigoted ignorance even if they specifically express egalitarian values and did not use a racial slur. If it gets to the point where no one is combating any points anymore and we are just repeating points while calling each other names, or if they implied something so offensive that it has the ability to trigger marginalized people.. I will just ask that person to say one last thing and then stop commenting on this post. You can come back later though…. Now, if this person continues this behavior multiple times where it looks like they have some nasty obsession, then I simply won’t publish anything from them anymore, and I’ll ask them to back the fck off and go somewhere else.. maybe, like read a fcking book or something and get educated before attempting to object to sht they know nothing about. I do this because it is tiring combating the same ignorant points from privileged folks and it takes too much energy.

3) Yo, do not repeat objections to my posts that have already been addressed. If person A wrote a point and it has been addressed at length… don’t fcking come in here and write the same exact point demanding time and energy that can be better used if you just read the lengthy reply. Only go over an objection if you think you can hit it from a different angle. If you post like an identical point someone else posted… dude.. fck you. Get outta here.

Other than that, say what you want, post what you want. I like to view practically all sides of an issue, even if I think the person espousing them is a dummy. The only people not welcome is dem damn Internet racists. Y’all suck, get the fck out of here. Tone police… god damn, just a warning, just cause you don’t curse does not mean your view points are any good. So yeah, comment policy… I hopefully this works out.