About this blog

Welcome to SanRomero,

It is a personal blog where I try to express my own opinions from the viewpoints of the societal other. I make a personal effort everyday to explore ideology from people who are not privileged and ones who’s voices, more often than not, get either ignored, trivialized, misinterpreted, or harassed. In that respect, this blog will not try to defend mainstream points of view – as mainstream points of view are plentiful.

Even though no individual can escape a culturally myopic view of various issues, this does not prevent anyone from making an effort to view the world in a more equal fashion. One can at least  attempt to educate oneself by listening and exploring minority viewpoints. The main minority viewpoints that will be defended, will be primarily be ones stemming from Feminism, Anti-Racism, Anti US Imperialism, Gender/sexuality equality, Animal rights…. etc…  Although almost nothing on this blog will be original, ideas expressed here will probably reflect points of view that are not accepted by American Culture at large. I mean, I would not feel the need to even blog if I felt comfortable talking about these issues in wide open public spaces.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a safe public space for myself to explore and evolve ideas by unpacking them as much as possible. As such, these posts are not catered to any audience in particular. Instead they are designed to allow myself to approach issues with more nuance, more anger, more empathy, and more vulgarity than I could if designing viewpoints to be digested for a specific target audience.

If you do not like the sound of it… keep it movin. We are all a click away from going somewhere else, try that out. In the meanwhile I am going to get down with my own thoughts.

By Mr.Ellipses

Contact info: Mr.Ellipses@tutanota.com