Why keep a blog?

So I have been asking myself this question for a while now due to my inactivity here. I think that I have managed to come up with why I will keep this blog a while longer.

The main reason I started one is that I have free time on my hands and I like to explore ideas through writing. The second reason was that I would not mind is someone read it as long as it was in a space that I can control.

This has not changed.

What has changed is my perspective on what blogging entails. More to the point, the discomfort I’m caused when a lot of people see a post. I don’t mind if a handful of people read this sht, but when a few hundred do… It’s becomes, I would say, kinda dangerous for my health.

The things I write here can’t really be said in public without inviting a lot of backlash and or harassment. So when one post got a few hundred hits… It made me hang back. I stopped posting cause I did not want too much attention. So I decided to wait a while before I start posting again. Just to be safe.

Thought about deleting the blog, to be safe… But I’ll keep it just a bit longer.