Tim Fcking Wise

by Mr.Ellipses

This was a long time comin, and I am a bit late to the game too. I mean, I just heard of this dude like a year or two ago.

You see, I think I was arguing with some white dude about why he is a racist piece of sht. I was explaining to him that this is why I hate him and why I will never grab a beer with him. That I would never got out and be friends with him, even though he kept insisting we be friends in the creepiest way possible. While arguing with this prick, he links me to a video of Tim Fcking Wise….. and he says, “Look at this guy! He knows what he is talking about!” So I take a look and I realize… he is saying everything I have been saying to this white fool for a while… and he is literally saying nothing new at all.

Then it hit me…. is this mther fcker getting paid for this sht? That is fcked up… how you ganna make money off of saying sht black and brown people have been saying for years?

Then I realized, this racist white peice of sht I was arguing with…. who never took a word I said without aggressively denying it…  all of a sudden, as soon as those same exact words, I sht you not, came out of the white mans mouth… all of a sudden, it makes sense to him? Sweet baby jebus… That is how racist  this guy is, he won’t stop being a racist if a POC tells him to, but now he is ganna stop when a white man does? Sht is bizzare.

After a while of listening to Tim Fcking Wise… I realize.. mmmm, he is actually not that bad at this. I decide to look him up and see what he is about. Apparently he did some work back in his college days battling back KKK members, which I thought is pretty chill. So he gets props for that. Then, after that, he decided to run around and start preaching to other white people about white privilege. Surprise, surprise… he then found a money pot. Wonder why that is? (Hint.. it’s racism. White people do not want to hear about how POC’s feel about racism, they want to listen to how a  white person feels about racism.) So instead of being an activist, you know and actually helping, he decided to make money selling speeches and books.

To me, all that sht smells foul right off the bat.

Anyway, recently Tim Fcking Wise had this huge blow up on the internet because a bunch of people of color were telling him exactly how we feel about how he does sht. Here is the giant back-story complete with links to various analysis of why he is actin a fool.  (http://groupthink.jezebel.com/tag/tim-wise) Now, everything has pretty much been covered, and I feel I ain’t got nothing to add to the criticisms he is getting. All POC’s have hit this from all angles and I am satisfied that we ripped him apart. However, I want to explore a more general Idea that I know is bouncing around his , and his supporters heads.

Here is the argument,:

If white people only really listen to other white people, and they frequently refuse to hear out POC’s when talking about racism…. then why not send a white person over there who knows what he is talking about to help out? Send this white person, and he might be able to bring other white people past the racism 101 level. Eventually he would act as a bridge and prepare them to hear about racism in a more raw and real form when it comes from POC’s. Maybe, if this idea has any merit, it will spark some activism in them too…

Sounds like a plausible way to break past the white privilege barrier around racism.. right? This is.. in fact, what TIm Fcking Wise says is the reason he is speaking out about Racism to begin with.

The real question is… does this work?

I do not think there are any hard facts at this point to know if this works to the degree that is necessary to validate Tim Fcking Wise’s current position on the anti-racism scene. However, I think there are fine arguments to be made against the idea.. and why TIm Fcking Wise.. should not exist, not to the capacity that he does presently.

The idea is that white supremacy is so ingrained within american culture… that people of color can not even talk about their own oppression to white america without white america going apesht. Generally, white america has been taught to not take what people of color say seriously. Yet, if you dress up the same words, even the same language, with the white mans voice, you will find that white america will all of a sudden be able to handle the content of the message – a message that largely originated from the please and cries of the people of color suffering under oppression.

Now, can this truly work in the end?

I do not think so. I think this is a very lazy way to approach the subject. I think this is a method that is destined to have a limit, a stop gap, that works, when that limit is reached, against the movement towards equality. Let me give two examples of what I mean.

How do monarchies end? Did a monarchy ever end with the king or queen simply realizing the system is unfair and giving up their power to the people? You can look throughout all of history and you are probably not going to find a single incident where a monarchy was put to an end and where it was solely based on the decisions of the people in power. Instead what you will find is that monarchies ended in one way… with the people, the poor and hungry, getting power, either through political or military means, and then forcing the kings and queens to give up their position of privilege.

In fact, I dare say that throughout all of history.. there has been no unfair system  that has been toppled due to the ideas of the people on top willing to concede power to the ones on the bottom. Instead what has happened is that the ones on the lower end get fed up, and they rise and fight for a place of power – most of the time they are met with resistance by the ones who already have a seat in the table of power. So, I put to you this, history tells us that…

In order to get equality, the victims have to rise up and get power. There is no other way around this. Power will not be magically granted, it must be fought for, and every equal rights movement have fought and continue to fight for their freedom. The only way true freedom and true equality will ever be granted is when the victims have the power to speak for themselves – it is then, that they can bargain for their equality. Anything short of that, and the movement will always fall short of their goal.

Freedom must be fought for, and no one already in power is going to do it, not without some kind of pressure from the ones who are being abused. True freedom comes at a time when the ones who are abused get their own voice and force everyone else to listen.

So this, I think is a point against Tim Fking Wise. He is not in any position whatsoever to give black and brown folk a voice. In fact his work has prevented white people from reading black and brown voices… why should they have to read black and brown literature if this shiny white man is stealing all of our best lines anyway? What he does instead, is he siphons white people off. Instead of white people finding black and brown voices, they are going to go the easier route and listen to a white voice instead. The problem with that is… if you only listen to the white man, then you are never going to respect the black and brown man. Tim Fcking Wise, instead of working against this trend, works to propagate a racist trend which says.. white people somehow have a better grip on racism than black and brown folk do.

Now before any Tim Fcking Wise peeps come up in here and tell me that this is a point Tim Wise makes…. realize this.. saying the point and actually committing yourself to that point through action is a different thing. You can say whatever you like, but if your actions do not reflect your stance.. than what you say does not fcking matter. Tim Fcking Wise can say this point till the cow comes home.. it still does not combat the idea that his very existence, the way he is granted money, power and fame, for speaking on behalf of black and brown people while simultaneously taking spots that would have been granted to them if he did not exist, works against his own very words.

The fact that Tim Fcking Wise contradicts himself is of no relevance here. The fact that he has managed to build enough cognitive dissonance to allow himself to be in a position that contradicts the very ideas he is espousing is not a point in favor of Tim Fcking Wise.. It is a point not only against him but white allies in general. I mean if a white man talking about white privileged, making a career out of it, making money off of it, can not see that his very existence is contradictory to his cause.. than that means I have little hope for white allies in general – as all of them would probably act in the same way when they find that money pot.

Which brings me to me second point…

In order to stop oppression, you need to get people involved and active – get them ready to fight back against the oppressors, whomever they may be. However, before you can even do that, you first have to wake them up, make them aware that oppression exists before they are able to fight against it. This is why all movements revolve around dismantling the power structures that serve to oppress them. In order to wake people up… rationality, on its own, is not useful.. not as much as people think it is. Instead what is more useful is emotions and social pressures combined with a rational framework. The only way to get people to care is to break their apathy… you have to break through that wall and make people empathize with your position in order to spark some kind of action. Without that component, people will always be “too busy” to help.

Now, who is in a better position to speak about what minorities face in a racist social system… Tim Fcking Wise the white man that reeks its benefits… or any POC the people who are victimized by the system?

Let me tell you the answer with an analogy. What is better? Knowledge? Experience? or both? You know what makes an expert? It is both, with only one or the other, you are going to be found wanting.

Think about it this way, you have three mechanics. One who never went to school but worked his entire life, one who went to school but has not worked a day in his life, and one who not only went to school and also worked his entire life. With the first mechanic, you are going to get someone who is highly capable and practically speaking knows his way around the workshop – however he might have trouble with the more technical aspects of the vehicle he is fixing. With the second, you are going to get someone who is very comfortable with all the technical aspects, but who would be a novice in the shop and would require more hands on experience to be able to fix anything. Yet, with the last one, you are going to not only get someone who knows his way around the shop, you will also get someone with a highly advanced knowledge of all the technical aspects around the vehicle. Therefore, clearly the best mechanic to go to and learn from is the last one.. the other two will always fall short, one way or another. If I gave you a choice of the three to hire…. it would be irrational to hire anyone else other than the last mechanic – he is the best man for the job.

So here is that I have shown you, and this analogy extends anywhere… if you want a true expert, you need to have both knowledge and experience. Therefore, in any subject matter, if you want to learn about it, you have to seek an expert that has both – to seek a sub-par expert is to risk being mislead or improperly trained.

Now… lets look at racism. Who should we want to learn from? Well, it should be obvious that if we want to learn about racism, we need to learn it from an expert who has both knowledge and experience. You know what this means? It means no one should ever, ever want to learn about racism from white people not when you have a choice to learn it from actual experts. White people can not experience racial oppression, the system is not built to oppress white people, so they have no experience with it.. they can study and gather all the knowledge they possibly can, but without that experience they are nothing but sub-par experts, and they should not be used as as primary source for anyone. They are that second mechanic that when you get him into the shop, even though his paperwork speaks will of him, he is going to fck everything up in that shop.

So right there, I think, is why TIim Fcking Wise should not even exist, not in the capacity he does.. he can not possibly have the skill set required to teach anyone.. instead he will end up teaching various misconceptions because he lacks the experience part of the equation.

Now, I know what you are thinking… Tim Fcking Wise talks about white privilege… he experiences that right?  Man that is some BS. The very idea of white privilege was introduced to white people by POC’s.. because they ain’t even understand how the racist system works – they do not have to understand how it works if it never works against them. White privilege is a concept that tells us white people have an advantage that they can not see…. therefore white people are not the goto people to talk about white privilege. Instead POC’s know what white privilege is more than white people because they know what it feels like to be treated differently and they have bothered to notice that things would have went diffidently if they were white. That is where white privilege is, and you are not going to learn that from someone who is, for the most part, blind to its effects. So no, not even Tim Fcking Wise is in a good position to talk about white privilege.

So here we have two points that when combined make a very powerful argument against Tim Fcking Wise. This argument is not that white allies should not exist in any capacity whatsoever… it is that white allies can not exist in a capacity that makes them the goto voice for any issue on racism. If a white ally becomes the goto voice for some issue on racism, than we have failed to end racism, we have instead propagated it in a peculiar fashion. Where we set up white allies to be the only voices heard, and the voices that define what racism is… if this is not a recipe for a disaster, I do not know what is.

The only way we are going to be able to handle racism in a proper way is when we grant our own voices the power to be heard…. and not to be heard through some white authoritative mouthpiece. What Tim Fcking Wise has done is steal our words and made himself a mouth piece. In the process, he has made money off of ideas he did not create, and he has made himself a figurehead of a movement he is not the victim of. Instead he is benefiting from racism and somehow he has become this famous person to talk to about racism…. am I in the fcking twilight zone? Do people not understand why POC would be pissed off at such an outcome? I hope others see what is wrong with this picture. Do not support Tim Fcking Wise… the man is nothing but poison.

If white people want to help they need to take themselves out of any sort of leadership position, they must reject the idea that they have the ability to lead the black and brown folk in any capacity. Instead they must embrace the idea that we know how to talk and lead ourselves and that they, if they want to help, have to work to empower us… not empower themselves by becoming famous as the white ally who “leads” white people towards the black and brown. White allies must restrict themselves to supportive positions, if they want to help liberate the black and brown folk from oppression…. for if they attempt to grab power and become a voice of some part of the movement, than they are operating like an oppressor, they are using their white privilege in a white power move… and this can not be allowed. That will not be allowed.

So Fck Tim Wise.

He has literally nothing to offer but another obstacle.. another white man we have to mount over in order to be heard. A white man who functions as a silencing mechanism for the black and brown folk by stealing our words, making money off of them, and siphoning an audience that should be directed towards us. Instead what he accomplishes is he makes a white audience get comfortable ignoring black and brown folk and only hearing about racism through white eyes… instead what we have to do is make the people who have power… uncomfortable.

We must not baby them for our freedom… we have to fight for it, tooth and nail, and make them so uncomfortable with us that they bother to take notice rather than apathetically ignoring what is going on.. ignoring that fact that yes.. we are fcking dying out here. We have to make them respect us, even if they do not like what we are saying, or the way we say it, that is the only way you can break across racial lines… you can not break the racial barrier by appeasing the white man and making him comfortable… you have to grab the white man and make him face us, make him notice us, and then make him unable to turn away… make them see us as human.

It is only then, that the white man and woman will wake the fck up. It is when we scream for equality and fight for it, and leave no other option but equality. That is when we will get it… we can not and will not get it by letting a white person be a spokesman for the people of color… because all that does is put white people in power again… when the reality is that we want to take them out of power and put them on equal footing. This can only be done if we say Fck Tim Wise, we do not need him, and we do not want him.