Tim Fcking Wise

This was a long time comin, and I am a bit late to the game too. I mean, I just heard of this dude like a year or two ago.

You see, I think I was arguing with some white dude about why he is a racist piece of sht. I was explaining to him that this is why I hate him and why I will never grab a beer with him. That I would never got out and be friends with him, even though he kept insisting we be friends in the creepiest way possible. While arguing with this prick, he links me to a video of Tim Fcking Wise….. and he says, “Look at this guy! He knows what he is talking about!” So I take a look and I realize… he is saying everything I have been saying to this white fool for a while… and he is literally saying nothing new at all.

Then it hit me…. is this mther fcker getting paid for this sht? That is fcked up… how you ganna make money off of saying sht black and brown people have been saying for years?

Then I realized, this racist white peice of sht I was arguing with…. who never took a word I said without aggressively denying it…  all of a sudden, as soon as those same exact words, I sht you not, came out of the white mans mouth… all of a sudden, it makes sense to him? Sweet baby jebus… That is how racist  this guy is, he won’t stop being a racist if a POC tells him to, but now he is ganna stop when a white man does? Sht is bizzare.

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