Awesome Media Consumption

by Mr.Ellipses

You know what I fcking love?

I love music that has a god damn message. Now, while I can digg music that don’t – I mean that sht still makes my body rock and head bumb – I love music that do.

You know what I fcking hate? I hate all these haterz that hate on hip-hop and act like this is “bad for the black community.” I hate people who like music, but have to preference that with “except hip-hop”.. Man, I bet 99% of the time these mofos that say that sht are racist as fck.

I mean ‘cmon dude.. Rock, Country, Pop.. all that sht is bad, all that sht has built in sexism, racism, homophobia..etc.. They are no different from hop-hop… and yet hip-hop gets concentrated on as if it is the only one that reflected bigoted cultural trends. Man, everyone does that sht, and while that do not make it right, and while I do got a problem  with music that is bigoted as fck… to unfairly concentrate on hip-hop like this, as if it is the source of the problem, is just racist.

I am however, really fcking picky on what I chose to listen to these dayz. I mean, I will bumb my head on the radio to mostly whatever, but I ain’t ganna buy tracks from anyone unless they got not only good music but good lyrics and a good message. You see, it is a whole lot harder to make a hit with a message, than it is to make a hit without one.

So music artists better sell me something more, than just your everyday sht… Once in a while, I come across some sht, that is so down, that I just have to share it. I stumbled across this at another blog.. take a listen..

Now that? That is hot. I like it. You see how Mos Def, one of my favorite artists BTW for reasons I stated above, just dismantles a system of power? You see how he flipped that song to discuss how fcked up it is to be poor? Take a look at those lyrics, that is some sht we all need to support cause not enough of that is out there. It is because of that, I want to link some music that I like. These two have a messages, not just a legit track.

For example.. this is one of my favorate “recent” tracks of all time. That sht was my ring tone for like a year!

Man, I listened to that when it came out.. and I just put it on loop. That song… it hits you on so many levels. It is crazy. That album is insane too.

Here is another song I love..

I heard that when I was a little kid… and I fell in love with hip-hop because of songs like that. Just, the depths of the lyrics, it can make your headspin.. that is pure fcking poetry!

Hip-hop does things, expresses views, that you just can not be done in other genre’s. Man you can not express this type of stuff in classical music! Yet classical music is seen as “prestigious”… but hip-hop, that, that is where the real prestige is at. Not some white mthr fkcer in a wig. (I still like classical though, but for different reasons)

Hip-hop is something real special to me, even though I hardly listen to it these days – I stopped listening when that southern style came into play. I am still trying to get back into it, but there is a lot of garbage out there – maybe I am just getting old. I actually started to listen to rock a bit and I fcking love Rage Against the Machine.. Check this song out… the video is pretty crazy..

That song, and the video, is pretty fcking awesome. That is the kind of media I look for and consume these days. Not that I do not consume pop-culture, I just spend my money buying music that has something deeper in it other than a catchy tune.