Spotting and Proving Bigotry

by Mr.Ellipses

Seems to me that many people simply do not understand how, in modern times, we go looking for bigoted societal norms. They are stuck in like this 1950’s style of racism/sexism/homophobia and fail to realize that, while these days people are less prone to explicitly endorsing bigoted ideologies, there are still other forces of bigotry at work. Those forces, are the ones that we actively need to fight against. Although lot of progress has been made to downsize the feelings of explicit superiority towards minorities expressed in a KKK type fashion… this is not the end of the struggle.

In the modern era, what most people do, is something called micro-aggressions, which is a more obtuse and subtle form of bigotry related to implicit biases. Currently, in social justice circles, this is where a lot of the fight is located. What we all need to do now, in modern times, is give ourselves the tools we need to avoid being modern bigots. We need a new ideology that lends us an understanding of what modern bigotry is, and how it is compared to this old-school bigotry responsible for slavery, segregation, imperialism, and genocide. I am going to attack this issue through racism, as this is the cultural lens I can communicate best in, but also understand that the explorations I lay out here can be quite easily applied to other forms of bigotry with minimum modification. So lets look at American Racism first, and hopefully, through this lens, we can begin to see strategies on attacking other marginalized issues in general.

So let us start simple, and then start building the necessary framework. We begin by asking what is racism? Well racism is believing that there is an inherent genetic difference between the white man and the black or brown man, such that the white man is superior in some fashion to the black and brown man. This sort of sentiment can easily be logically linked to imperialistic mindsets. I mean if the black and brown folk are so inferior… it simply makes sense that the ones that should be in charge, are the white ones. So racism, is an ideology that manifests into actions that resemble KKK type bigotry.

It is important to note that this, KKK type, ideology, is the major social, political and historical trend… Remember, equality is a fairly new way to look at the world. I mean, in america, black people just got voting rights like 60 years ago. The reality is that…. entire social structures were built on white supremacy, and these structures still exists today and work to benefit white individuals – whether they like it or not. It is old school racism that is responsible for the built-in inequalities that actually affect minorities today. That is why looking at history is important and that is why we have to study it. The KKK type bigotry should not be ignored as a stale issue… let me repeat that…. this point should not go fcking ignore… never fcking ignore this point. Racism in that explicit form matters… because it was the racists that built this society and surprise.. they built it in a way that works to keep the whites up and the blacks and browns down.

Never forget that.

Now, lets look at what micro-aggressions are, and why they lead from implicit bias.

What is implicit bias anyway? Well implicit bias is this sort of “unconscious” bias we have for certain things. In that there are certain things we are taught by our society to value, and certain things we are taught to not value.. these cultural forces shape the way we value things, and it shapes our preferences. These preferences then influence our actions, such that, we act and think in ways that promote these preferences.

An easy example is “beauty.” What is and what is not “beautiful” is defined by whatever cultural tropes you happen to come into contact with. We all should also be able to recognize easily that… if you happen to be able to match up with these cultural traditions of beauty, you are going to have people treat you different – they treat you in a nicer fashion. This is why many of us strive for such beauty standards, because we want to be treated and looked upon in that positive fashion. However, other things happen with this as well… bad things. If we all preference beauty, and we all act in positive ways when looking at a beautiful person…. that means that the “ugly” ones (ugly is just a term that means someone who has failed to live up to the beauty standard) are not going to be treated that way. In means that, in an almost unconscious manner, we are taught to behave differently towards “beautiful” and “ugly” people.

These preference primers add up to something surreal when you see the sociology experiments. What we see then, is that if you take two application candidates for the same job, that have the same credentials, and identical resumes…  and you have one that meets the beauty standard while the other one does not…. what we see, is that the one who is regarded as “pretty” is more likely to get the job. That is how a cultural norm, can influence the way we behave… and we may not even know we are acting in this discriminatory fashion towards people for such trivial reasons.

With that example, we can begin to see something. Society has certain norms, these norms, through various methods, use social forcing to subtly guide our preferences. These preferences will inevitably prime us and influence our actions in favor of those people who accommodate the preferences. This happens most of the time, without us even thinking about it. As such, we get this phenomenon called implicit bias… where we associate subtle and often unidentified positive or negative feelings towards certain things, ideas, and people. It is when these preferences turn into actions in the real world, that we get things that are called a racial micro-aggressions.

In order to get to what a micro aggression is, we are going to have to connect the dots here a bit further. The foundation of this line of thought is located above, now we just have to do a bit of thinking to see how is applies to racism.

So first lets look at our socio/political history around race… If our society was built by racists, than it is going to have socio/political and historical structures that reflect that racist ideology. These things are going to place cultural values that attribute positive things towards whiteness and negative things towards blackness. This means, there are going to be social forces that act in racial ways. Ideas like stereotypes will guide us to have built-in preferences for things attributed to white people and causing us to feel negative towards things that are attributed towards the black and brown folk. This bigoted primer, will also be make us more willing to attribute negative values to black and brown skin rather than white skin. If this is true, than this implicit bias is going to turn into an implicit race bias… where we prefer the white race over other races. What this means, is that we are then going to act, in subtle ways, that reflect that preference… it is those actions that manifest, that are called racial micro-aggressions.

Let us look at a common example and then build a further understanding based off of it.

There is this long-standing stereotype of young black men….. the stereotype is that they are prone to criminal behavior. This stereotype is propagated in our culture through racist news casts highlighting black crimes but not white crimes, racist movies and TV shows that cast black men as criminals, unfair racialized legislation that unjustly concentrates on black youths rather than white suburban youths… Ect. Such stereotypes are so prosperous that we have an entire police culture dedicated to terrorizing black communities… With these cultural stereotypes in place, people in general are going to associate a negative values with black youths in general. It is there, that we find this implicit bias. What does it make us do? Well it makes us more prone to think of black youths as criminals. What effect will this have? Lots of different types of micro-aggressions, but I will concentrate on a small rather trivial micro-aggression, and build an understanding from there.

Pretend you are black, (this may be hard for white people) and if you are black or even brown, you don’t have to pretend at all, just be you! You are walking down the street, and you see this white lady walking towards you from the opposite direction. This white lady, before she even gets close to you…   crosses the street.

That is it.

What does this behavior entail?

Now, if you are a person of color…. awww sht…. you know what the fck I am ganna say! Keep reading though, this conversation may still help clarify your feelings on this issue. If you are white privileged person, this might seem like an event that is either no big deal, or a non-event by definition. I mean, who cares if this white lady crossed the street before crossing paths with a black man? Right? There could be dozens of non racist explanations for such behavior, why choose to concentrate on this?

I chose this because this behavior is the most perfect example of a racist micro-aggression. It is the ideal example to build an understanding off of, precisely because most privileged folks will not understand why this action merits a racial analysis.

Now, let’s dig in.

First thing is first, can this action be considered racist? Now, in order to answer this question we have to look at what racism is, and how it manifests in the culture we are talking about.

Well the racist part is that we think black men are pathological such that they are prone to criminal behavior while white men are not. In that, there is something inherent in black skin that makes them act inferior, in this case, unable to act in accordance with the laws. How does this manifest into action? Well as explained above, this leads to stereotyping, in which, we chose to represent black men as criminals. This then leads to an racialized implicit bias, and it that makes us think all black men are criminals. If this is true, does the actions of the white woman in the example fit within this framework?

Well if I am about to cross paths with an actual criminal, it would be wise for me to distance myself. Walking across the street to avoid a possible altercation is thus a rational decision. Therefore, if this white woman has a built-in racial biases that makes her look at all black men as possible criminals, then she is going to walk across the street to “avoid a possible altercation” with the black man. Thus, her actions fit within the framework of a possible racist action. This action will later be called a racist micro-aggression for reason that will become clear soon enough.

An objection to this analysis may be that we can not read the mind of this woman, thus we have no idea if what she did, was done because of a racist stereotype. Fair enough, this I will grant as true. It is also… an irrelevant point.

Implicit bias does not work on a “conscious” level, as such, even if we had access to her thoughts, and she was not actually thinking “black guy AHHH!!!’, this does not absolve her from acting on an implicit bias. Instead implicit bias means that, we act in ways that we may not be explicitly thinking about at the time. In that, the most common way of measuring an implicit bias reaction, is through a test that relies on making a decision within a micro-second, not allowing you enough time to think things through on an explicit cognitive level. As such, whether or not she was actually explicit formulating a decision based on racism, is not the question…The question is… did she almost “instinctively” make a racist decision?

Well how do we know that? I mean, we know nothing about this woman.. how can we prove definitively that she acted on a racist “instinct.”? Now, again this question may seem like a fair one… but only if you are completely ignorant on race relations to begin with. Instead this question, is also, in large part irrelevant. I will show you by providing an actual answer to how we can go about proving such things…

How do we prove implicit bias?

Well we put you through a battery of tests that force you to make decisions in a fraction of a second. We organize a framework for the exam such that, we measure subtle asymmetrical distributions of your behavior patterns – trying to spot which way they lean. In this case, if I wanted to “prove” this person was acting on an implicit bias.. we have to show that she has a tendency to have a bias in the first place.

So I would have to, quite literally, take this woman and put her in a scenario where she is again about to cross paths with a black person – then see if she crosses the street or not. Then I would put her in a place where she has to cross paths with a white person – then see if she crosses the street or not. I then have to repeat these two scenarios, trying to isolate all irrelevant variables. Meaning, if I notice she crossed the street because a store was located across the street that is a variable I don’t want. There are lots of variables that can be causally linked to crossing the street – her car may be on the other side, she may pick up a phone call and not want the other person to hear… etc.. we have to take these variables into account and make sure it does not affect the data. Once we have taken out all non-racist variables and we are left with only two.. a white guy and a black guy.. we make her cross paths with them… a few hundred times. We then take the statistical data and look for an asymmetrical correlation that can not be attributed to any other factor other than skin color. What we would then typically get is an asymmetrical behavior distribution, where this white woman was like 4 times as likely to cross the street when crossing paths with a back man than when crossing paths with the white man. Therefore, we can now say she has this implicit bias that is racial, where she avoids black men in public. Therefore, if she shows this behavior in public, we can reasonably conclude she was acting on her implicit racial bias.

This is, the best case scenario for proving any micro-aggression. Notice how this is a completely impractical way to “prove” a racist action. You can not take every person on earth and make them take these examinations, heck you can not even take one… so to ask for one to “prove” definitively someone is acting on an implicit bias in this one event, is an irrational request. We are just not capable of doing this.

Well then.. what can we do if we can not ever know for sure if someone is acting in a micro-aggressive fashion?

Well lucky for us, science, math, and reason can come to the rescue. First thing is this, sociology is a science…. What does this mean? Well it means that human behavior can be categorized and studied. We can therefore make, tentative, but general conclusions based on a good statistical sample set. In statistics we call this the magic of large numbers… where the more statistical data you accumulate, the more likely you are to avoid or weed out irrelevant variables. So we can take a statistical sample set of humans within a culture, and then categorize the human behavior. Then, we can use probabilistic induction to form rational conclusions about an individuals behavior when they fit within the framework of the discussion. What this allows us to do, little hommies, is that we can say… yeah.. that white woman probably acted racist because reasons A, B, and C. I want to note that, this is the only rational way to hold a discussion about racial micro-aggression.

Now, this is a sticking point for lots of racist white people. Listen white hommie… you use probabilistic induction every fcking day of your life, so kiss my hairy Latino ass if you do not want to use it to show racism, but are more than willing to use it for a statement like “I am eating a sandwich while I type in this blog.” So you know, for those types… fck off. For the rest off us who do not want to play the logical fallacy game revolving around special pleading or no true Scotsman.. lets move on.

Now, there may be some of you, who are new to this.. thinking that this line of thought can lead to ” reverse racism” because making generalities based on skin color is racist… Let me just quickly push this one aside. We make generalities everyday based on behaviors, and further, if we were prohibited from making generalities like this, than this means that logically the science of sociology and psychology can not exist – as those two sciences can only really make generalized conclusions. Therefore, we know that we can make generalities based off of behavior.

What we can not do is make racist generalities.. because by definition racism is false. I mean there is no genetic marker that can be associated with blackness or whiteness that can also be associated with some social theory based on inferiority or superiority.  In fact, the only way to study history, sociology, the economy, and politics is by making general statements about behavior that can be applied most of the time… so yeah, it is ok to make generalizations about human behavior, as long as you have a rational backing. With that, let us continue…

The generalization to be made here is that… we have done the tests, we have lots of evidence.. implicit bias is a worldwide phenomenon. In that everyone, no matter their skin color, no matter geographical location, is going to commit actions based off of implicit bias. How implicit bias acts on an individual depends on the cultural location and the place on the social hierarchy that individual is in.

For example, it has been shown that whites typically view blacks in a negative fashion – as such, they are more likely to act differently towards black people. This happens regardless of any sort of egalitarian stance this person may have. It has also been shown that men exhibit similar negative biases towards women based on sexist ideology. It has also been shown that yes even people of color can act negatively towards other people of color based on racism, and woman can act negatively towards women based on sexist ideologies.

Now, as a quick preference, before anyone jumps the gun and says that minorities in question act “just as bigoted” as the privileged folks.. you are fcking dead wrong. While sexist and racist ideology can be internalized by the people it is directed at, it also has been shown that they suffer internalization to a much different degree than the privileged group. In that, the privileged group are more likely to internalize bigoted cultural norms and act on them, while the marginalized are less likely to internalize and act one them. So no…. this is not an even playing field, by and large, privileged people are much more likely to act bigoted than the minority in question.

In fact, lets look at racist micro-aggressions from a minority’s point of view a bit more. Perhaps, we can unlock a deeper understanding of why this behavior matters. Lets pretend again that we are some black dude walking in the street. Let us try to investigate how micro-aggressive behavior can do psychological damage.

So you black now… you have a deeper understanding of why racism sucks because you have experienced or seen various degrees of racism throughout your entire life. You walking on the street ,when some white dude sees you, and then walks on the other side. So then you think… “mmm.. that was weird! Maybe this white guy had something to do.” You think nothing of it. Then, later on it happens again.. you are thinking “WTF is this a coincidence?”

Then this happens enough times such that you ask all your minority friends if they ever noticed how white people cross the street or at least get kind of agitated whenever they cross paths with a POC. Your friends tell you that yeah… they get this all the time! They too have noticed this odd trend where white people almost refuse to be on the same side of the sidewalk… You all just shake your heads and be like.. “man this is some racist Bull shttt…. I ain’t ganna hurt nobody.” So now, you all have this eerily similar experience with white people crossing the street when they see you. You have now been primed to notice this when it happens.

Soon enough, you see it happen again, accept this time it is even worse… a white woman does not cross the street when she sees you.. instead you notice that as she walks by, she clutches her purse. You thinking… “WTF.. is she getting her cellphone or does she think I am going to rob her?” Maybe you start to think that it is the stuff you are wearing.. so you say, “I bet if I was wearing a suite, they won’t do this.” Therefore, on the days you are wearing a suite, you are especially mindful of how white people act around you. You notice that the suite does indeed improve the relationships.. but you also notice that there are still lots of white people that actively avoid you anyway. You start walking in a suite at night and you notice this white couple laughing it up as they approach you.. then you notice as they spot you, the woman gets kind of scare and they stop talking immediately and hold each other tight, then look across the street in an attempt to get to the other side in a hurry. You notice that on the other side of the street there is another white person, and they fail to act just as agitated as they acted with you. Then you are like.. damn.. “WTF does a black man have to do to accommodate white people such that they are not scared to be on the same sidewalk as me?” You can only do so much….

After years, and I mean years, of this same odd behavior from white folks… one day you just get fed up and you decide to bring it to the table for discussion. All your friends warned you though… that white people are just not going to get it, so do not even bother.. nevertheless you still try. You bring up your objections to this behavior you have seen to white people… and what you get back in return is that many whites do not believe you. What you get is that, they tell you that in their experience they never noticed this, thus no racism here. Other white people call you a racist because you are talking about white people in a negative fashion. Other whites defend the notion of “walking across the street” telling you that black people are prone to be criminals Other white people tell you it is not big deal, and ask you why you even brought it up… other issues are more important. Other white people tell you that you are overreacting, and they name every reason on earth why someone could walk across the street, and tell you that all these reasons are way more likely than racist reasons. Then on occasion, a real really real racist comes out and just calls you an ethnic slur.

So… you get all these reactions.. and then you get pissed.. cause you feel like no one is listening to you and no one believes you. You go back to your friends.. and they are all like.. “I told you so bro.. why you even bother?” Now, that is the life that you live on a daily basis. Not just about this one issue, but many different racist issues. How do you think you are going to react to racist micro-aggression after dealing with this pattern of behavior for so long? (If yeall wanna hear some really fcked up sht. You should look up QuestLove’s interview with – and see how traumatizing these little micro-aggressive events, and more serious ones, can be for minorities)

Well..good thing for this blog, people have actually studied how minorities are effected by such behavior. The results are not good. It turns out that such micro-aggressions are highly psychologically damaging. In that, in surveys, many minorities say they would rather deal with overt old school racism, than deal with racist micro-agressions… They say this because those micro-aggressions are so hard to explain to people who never experienced them, and in particular, it is difficult to articulate why this or that micro-agression is in fact a reflection of racist societal norms. Further, it is often the case that those guilty of a micro-agression are psychologically likely to deny their actions were based on racist stereotypes. On the minority end, one micro-agression is not much.. but after accumulating many interactions, they start to become fairly traumatizing. Once in a while, you may even see a minority just blow up in anger and tears because they are tired of dealing with micro-agressions and tired of being silent and not being believed. That is the reality around these things, and this is why, on a personal level, they matter… but it gets worse….

Truth is, that these days… in america, the KKK has lost its place on the modern social hierarchy. They simply have very little sociological/economic pull, and thus are not likely to get what they want. In fact, most bigotry expressed in a KKK type fashion is looked down upon – this is progress at least.

However, the reality is that while KKK type racism is “frowned upon” in many areas of life, discrimination still exists. Well now.. how is this possible? If outwards obvious racism is frowned upon by society and KKK types have almost no social pull anymore… how is it possible that discrimination still exists? If most people are not KKK members, why is it that black and brown folk face job discrimination?

The answer comes in two forms.

One answer is that, as I said previously, egalitarianism is a fairly new concept. We only fairly recently started applying this to minorities. As such the people who shaped this society in the past, were the KKK type racist. This means, that there are actual social structures in place right now, because they were put there by racists in the past, and these structures still function in a racist manner – the way they were designed.

A quick example is, who has access to the wealth in america? Well if most wealth is passed from families, and there is very little economic mobility in america.. that means that most wealth is going to be located in white families This is because, in the past, the only ones allowed access to the wealth were white families, therefore they passed on their wealth to their children. Meanwhile, while being granted official access to wealth because of the end of segregation, black families, because of limited economic mobility, stayed poor and their children stayed poor. The end result, is that most of the wealth is located in white families, and since wealth means political power.. the ones shaping laws in this country are still rich white families. This, is the effect of a deep seeded history of white supremacy, and these things still play a large role in society today.

The second answer is that because of the history of racism in america, we have cultural tropes that reflect racist stereotypes.. and these stereotypes, as we demonstrated before, lead to implicit biases, which then leads to racist micro-agressions. I will give an example…

You see while this white dude avoiding a black dude on the street is “no big deal” when it comes to racist micro-agressions… that same white guy, cause he benefits from a tradition of white supremacy, more than likely has access to a higher social hierarchy than the black dude. Which means that if this white guy is a CEO, and he can’t even cross paths with a black person in the street..  you think this is not going to play when he is looking to hire people? More than likely, he is also going to look at black applicants wrongly, and hire white people more than he hires black.. which means, because of his implicit bias, he is going to act discriminatory – even he himself may not be aware of it.

Combine that effect, with his privileged social status, and that means he has the social power to make that discrimination hurt badly on a wider social scale. You see.. it is not the KKK types that are denying people jobs.,I mean they are doing that but not many people are KKK types, it is the regular average white liberal egalitarians that are actually responsible for discrimination in the modern era. It is all of us, all normal people are effected by this stereotype bias, and all of us act in various discriminatory ways not just towards black and brown folk, but to women, gays, poor people, and transgender people as well. This is why bigoted micro-agressions in general matter… because they enable people to commit to actions that are discriminatory, and they may not even know they themselves are working quite well to keep a bigoted social system in place.

So now what we have here, believe it or not, is all the basic tools we need to analyze bigotry not only on racist lines, but along gender, religious, sexual orientation, economic (classism) and even mentally disabled lines. We have actually built a basic tool set from a few examples… and this will allow us to spot and categorize bigotry not only within ourselves but when it manifests within others.

This may seem like a non sequitur to most of us reading this.. but I assure you, the above examples have all the basic knowledge necessary for us to be in the right framework to build a more complex, and thus more accurate, machinery to spot and categorize bigotry on all levels.

Although, I have a feeling that this conclusion came much too fast for many of us…. so allow me to connect all the dots by providing a review of what was written above, and then also show you how this basic machinery can reach other conclusions we may not have been aware of.

So what can be concluded from this?

1) Bigotry, sadly, is the historical, social, and political norm.

This means that bigotry is a part of the culture, and this means that there are going to be social structures that function in a bigoted manner – keeping bigotry in place. That means that even if every mother fcker on earth all of a sudden got zapped and no longer has the capacity to think in a bigoted ways, the social structures in place would ensure that vast racial, gender, and class inequalities would still function as if nothing happened at all.

2) The bigotry of the past has laid the groundwork for the stereotypical thinking at present day.

That means that bigotry is everywhere, and it means that we somehow someway are either the privileged person in one area and or the marginalized person in another. We are either discriminated against or propagate discrimination. No one is above acting or thinking in bigoted ways.

3) Stereotypical thinking leads to implicit bias, and that manifests itself in “unconscious” ways categorized as micro-aggressions.

That means that despite whatever egalitarian ideology you project outwardly, and no matter what your intentions are, you and I and all of us, are primed to act in various bigoted ways guided by bigoted cultural norms we have internalized.

4) Depending on your social status, implicit bias is going to have more or less impact on you. The privileged side of the equation is a lot more likely to act on negative bigoted implicit associations.

This means that the more privilege you have, the more vulnerable you are to behaving in a bigoted fashion. This means that, rich black person compared to the poor black person is going to internalize more negative stereotypes about black people. This means, that the white person compared to the black or Latino person, is going to internalize more racist stereotypes than either group. This means that, males, compared to females, are likely to internalize sexist ideology and act on them. This means that, Transgender individuals are a lot less likely to internalize bigoted norms against the LGBT community, than a straight individual. This means that Americans are a lot more likely to internalize Orientalism and Islamaphobia, than the people who live in the middle east.

The higher you are on the social ladder… the more likely you are to defend the status quo and act in ways that promote bigoted cultural ways. This, in no small part, is due to two reason 1) You have not lead a life that experienced this or that bigotry so you are likely unfamiliar with the form it takes 2) You benefit from the propagation of this or that bigotry, so there is no guiding social force that forces you to educate yourself on its mechanisms.

5) It is the ones with the most social power that do the most damage when they act in bigoted ways.

This means that, more than likely, the ones who do the most damage when acting on their implicit bias are going to be the people of privilege.  A poor white guy on the street with no job, calling me a spic, may hurt me but it does not cause discrimination on a larger scale. A rich white CEO that says that.. can in fact cause a lot of damage on a wider social scale because that kind of racism will lead to job discrimination. It is not just prejudice that matters, it is prejudice plus power that produces racism, and propagates a racist/bigoted culture in general.

6) The only way to show one likely acted in a bigoted fashion is to look for asymmetrical behavioral behavior patterns in general and then make an inductive argument on the probability that this individual, because they matched the behavior, has acted in a bigoted fashion as well.

This means we have to rely on a probabilistic inductive arguments to prove bigotry. In order to prove one event is bigoted.. one has to demonstrate a past plausible socio/political and historical trend of this bigoted behavior, analyze the power structure of the situation, demonstrate that this persons actions falls into similar category of behavior, and then demonstrate that in general people would likely behave differently, when in the same situation, but instead interacting with a person from the privileged group in question. From there, we can say that this person either probably acted bigoted, or did act bigoted even if they intended not to.

Here is the kicker with this last one… eventually you will come to an understanding that… one can not talk about actions divorced from a socio/political historical context. If we attempt to do so, we will leave ourselves in a position that has the unique inability to decipher if this or that behavior has bigoted repercussions. (This is a major part of the reason a “colorblind” attitude is wrong.)

Heck, this, number 6, is the reason I wrote the blog.

I want to demonstrate that this type of analysis is often necessary to understand what is happening in the world. I want to show that without it.. we are fools.

To prove this.. Let me talk about something everyone is talking about.. The Miley Cyrus “twerking” VMA performance. (also.. wtf.. why do white people have to ruin everything they steal from other cultures? That sht was so fcking wack…)

If you watch the performance and know nothing of Miley Cyrus, and are not particularly attuned to what cultural appropriation is, or not attuned with what this society likes to label as “black culture”… You are going to have absolutely no fckin idea why this performance is something worth pointing to, other than it being badly performed.

In fact, when a bunch of POC’s tell you that they think this performance is super duper fcking racist… you are going look at them with this sort of stank eye.. cause you are not in a place to understand why that is.

Yet, I sht you not, if you are up on your game, if you are up on what I was preaching up there and understand what you got to do when you analyze media.. all of these thoughts plus more.. are going to go through your head:

I present to you this. 

Read it when you have time.

What is it?

It is a defense, of why that event has to be seen as racist. It is a demonstration of how to apply the tools I gave above. In that, once you add a socio/political and historical context to the event.. it becomes all to clear that this sht was racist as fck. Without it, brotha, you a fcking blind, death, and dumb.

Further, I will say one more thing… once you read it, and understand it.. you will also understand that Miley Cyrus’ reaction… is predictable. After the backlash, Cyrus said.. that, “we all just overthinking it,” and she did not put “any thought” into that performance when she made it.

Color me fcking surprised.

It is because Cyrus is a fcking white suburban ignorant fool that has never attempted to understand what racism is… that she is able to act in mther fckign casually and callous racist way. She can’t even understand how her actions can be interpreted as such. Cyrus is the picture perfect person to represent what and how modern racism can influence in individuals behavior. She is also a perfect example to highlight, why the ideology and method I outlined, is necessary to analyze modern bigotry in general.

With that, I bid you good day.